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Keya Neal

Kolour Kulture
Keya is an industry activist, DEI Strategist, Kolour Koach, Texture Specialist, KeyNote Speaker, ABCH Certified, and Intercoiffure member. A stylist of 27 years, Keya has been an educator, guest artist, consultant, and platform artist for several major brands. Keya founded the Kolour Kulture in 2015, designed to educate and empower all nationalities/cultures with unparalleled color curriculums. Keya coaches and mentors individually and in groups. She hosts a Digital Koaching program along with live summits and events. Keya was the first African American female educator at the 2018 ABCH Summit in almost 20 years and first Black Keynote speaker for the 2019 Energizing Summit.

“The CHURCH and the SALONS are the last two institutions left that are overtly segregated” is why Keya is committed to the increase of inclusion and diversity of the beauty industry. Hence, birthing the movement and initiative, TEXTURE vs RACE. Keya consults with major brands to help incite change within the organizations at their core. Her ultimate goal is to push the message of equality, equity, repair, healing, and hope to improve the overall landscape of the beauty industry. During the height of a racial uprising, Keya organized The RepHAIRations Digital Event where 13 plus major brands came together under one platform to gift education and empower the black community.